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No Nonsense

Columbus is a small independent market research company specialising in qualitative research. Our strength is our ‘no nonsense‘ approach to research where we try to continuously watch over what our clients can do with the research results.


Since 1987 it has been our philosophy and approach to provide practical recommendations with our conclusions so our clients can take well founded decisions.


We achieve this by having one senior researcher cover the whole research process, from developing the screener and the discussion guide, over conducting the fieldwork to analyzing and reporting the insights. All done by one and the same person. This way we ensure maximum involvement, commitment and expertise to every research project.


As a specialist in qualitative research we cover a broad range of different types of research. We are comfortable researching all aspects of the marketing mix. And this in a B2C as well as in a B2B environment.

overview of research types


In our view research is not about methods. We believe methods are only a means to an end. The research objectives and questions drive what methods are appropriate.

Our methods ‘toolbox’is quite varied and covers both 'traditional' methods as well as the newest online technology.

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Our core research market is Belgium but we also conduct research in the Netherlands ourselves (+/- 30% of our business).

We are also able to help our clients conduct research in other European countries and even other parts of the world via selected local research partners.

True to our philosophy, we personally organize, brief the local agency and even attend the fieldwork whenever possible.

Our research is carried out in a wide range of different activity sectors.

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